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Substance abuse refers to alcoholism, drug abuse, addiction to nicotine and tobacco. Addiction can cause behavioural and psychological dysfunctionality.

How does De addiction counselling work ?

Our team of psychologists and psychiatrists jointly work in getting to know the social, medical & behavioral and history of the patient. Only then the team is able to compose the treatment methodology. The team focuses on identifying on the major factors that formed the addiction. Keeping in the mind these factors, the team works on the social pressure as well which supports the treatment of the abuse problem.

Of course the active cooperation of the patient works the best towards achieving a permanent success. The team works on knowing the patient and helps the patient become motivated to change and open to possibilities for positive growth. The team uses positive reinforcement, develops positive social attachments using effective techniques. The patient is also supported to create social acceptance and build self-worth in the community.

Treatment methodology

A mixed approach of medical intervention, psychological counselling and family counselling is used to treat addiction. The patient is supported to bring the change at his/her own pace. Success is achieved when the family and the patient is motivation enough to bring the positive change.

To enhance the motivation of the patient the following is observed -

  • The patient is helped with the ways to break the addiction cycle and become firm to not indulge in altering the mood using the alcohol or drugs or other substances.
  • The patient imparted the adaptive skills, coping skills and problem solving skills which are needed.
  • The patient is supported and guided to deal with the setbacks that may lead to relapse of addiction.
  • Relationship

  • Pre Marriage

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    Pre Marriage

    With Pre Marriage Counseling, you both understand and learn to accept each other’s different beliefs and expectations. You learn to create compatibility, deal with hurt (if any). You address deeper reasons that cause the differences. Besides you learn to communicate and solve problems.

  • Marriage

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    With Marriage Counseling we work at the deeper reasons that cause the differences – the actual problem and not just the visible discord. Besides you learn to communicate and solve problems. Also both of you discover each other’s concept of love. You learn to create compatibility and deal with hurt

  • Family

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    With Family Counselling, you deal with Anger or Frustration related to past issues by development of Positive Interactions. You learn to create shared goals & values and long term commitment to one another. This increases the bonding , get love and thereby creates a happy family.

  • Children

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    The desired behaviour of children depends on what they think and feel and that’s exactly where the actual work needs to be done. With Child Counselling, your child is able to have the right orientation towards self and the world. We also work on the anxiety of parents. The work is done at three levels individual therapy, parental guidance and family therapy.

  • Work

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    We work on your capability (or skills ), the motivation and the strategy. You get the exact map of where you have been and where you are as of now in your career. With this map, we build the success strategy that is most appropriate to you. We do not just tell you what needs to be done, we actually get you there.

  • Life

  • Depression

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    We help you understand the subconscious reason behind the patterns of your mood. We help you with simple yet scientific way to alter your thinking and your response to the mind. Without pushing you at any point, as a friend, we help you create possibilities of a happy life. Incase needed our psychiatrist chalk out the right treatment through medication as well.

  • Stress

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    We help you understand the subconscious reason behind of anxiety/ stress. We help you with simple yet scientific way to alter your thinking and your response to the mind. Incase there are biological reasons, our psychiatrist chalk out the right treatment through medication as well. And you create the possibility of a stress free life.

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